Kendall Schmidt - Big Time Rush

Kendall is an American actor and singer-songwriter. He is best known for playing Kendall Knight in Big Time Rush and has played small roles on several TV shows such as ER, Without a Trace, Phil of the Future, Ghost Whisperer, and Frasier.

Download for:
Town life users (different hair)

Basic version here

You can also download James Maslow

Special skin by LadyFrontbum click here to learn how to install
Used in this creation:
Eyebrown 07 by Haru
My Blue Book hair
Hairy Sims by Alex Stanton
Pralinesims Sensational jewel eyes
Lounge pants by Tomf60 on Empire Sims
Nike Pro Athletic Male Top by Saliwa


Anonymous said...

wow 0_0 everyone looks like real! can you make milla jovovich?

Renata Cadeau said...

Oh sorry, I'm not good with females =(( I wish! lol Thank you for your comment! S2

Anonymous said...

can I also creat ?

ILuvKendall said...

Am i supposed to download Kendall differently than James?

Renata Cadeau said...

? I didn't understand your question

ILuvKendall said...

When i downloaded James Maslow he downloaded fine but when i downloaded Kendall it took me to a free editor so i'm not sure if i downloaded him correctly

Renata Cadeau said...

It seems to be working fine, you just need to close the add on top right.

MatiAF98 said...

can you make the other 2 guys?

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