Friends - Chandler and Monica

Special skin by LadyFrontbum click here to learn how to install

Used in this creation:
Unlocked Medical outfit (press ctrl+shift+c while in game and type "unlockoutfits on")
EA Store hair (included)


Anonymous said...

you made chandler way too cute, and phoebe is not that cougar-like. the only one I think is really look a like to me is Ross.

Renata Cadeau said...

We will be posting the others soon... It was very difficult for us to make them, I agree that Chandler is not so similar. If we use masks (like make up) the results would probably be better but Sims with masks in the game aren't very cool cuz you can't raise them since child :P

Anonymous said...

yeah i guess that's true. but good job for Ross :)

ventry corpse said...


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