David Gandy

 British model http://davidjamesgandy.blogspot.com/


Special skin by LadyFrontbum click here to learn how to install
Facial Sliders by Ahamed

Used in this creation:
Eyebrown 08 by Haru
Pralinesims Romantic eyes
Ulker hair


Anonymous said...

Thank you so so much.. :) I didn't expect so soon... :) You did great job...Tonight I am going to play sims 3 with my new sims model DAVID JAMES GANDY :D :D :D ....

Loves from Turkey

Renata Cadeau said...

I'm glad you liked :*

Thomas Stublaski said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Renata Cadeau said...

Thank you Thomas :D Well I'm trying to attend all the requests before the next poll ^.^ Do you have any request? ;)

Raquel Dias said...

Hi, I'd like you to do the sim artist Shemar Moore, he makes the character Derek Morgan on the show Criminal Minds. I love the series and am a fan of Derek! thank you! I use your sim Gabriel Aubrey, it's perfect!

Renata Cadeau said...

Thank you very much Raquel! I'll put him in my list ;)

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