1st Celebities party

On february 25th lot of celebrities and friends attended our first party. =)

Please share if you liked =)

Francisco, BiMcGonagall and Chace
Ann, Fabia, Sarah, McDreamy and me
Andy Gillet, Annie, Duke, Renata, Taylor and Marina
Andy, Lucas, Duke, me and Jared
Chace, Marina, Tom and McDreamy
Richard Gere and Ann
Taylor and Marina
Ian and Amila
Francisco and Bi
Jesus Luz and Renata
Me and Leif


Anonymous said...

That hair on Ian where is it, it's not in his download page :( ... but about the party perfect idea lol loved it!!!!

Renata Cadeau said...

I've changed his hair to the party LOL. That hair is from EAStore and it's included in James Maslow Sim: http://lecadeau.blogspot.com.br/2011/07/james-maslow.html

Anonymous said...

Great!!! Thanks...oh and just tolet you know...when you created Ian ... you made my dream come true ...lol I finally found a husband for my sim... ever since The Sims 3 was launched i've for a realistic Ian... you're amazing, like so awesome... Very very good work! ;)

Renata Cadeau said...

Oh thank you very much!! You're very welcome ^^ <3

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