Rodrigo Hilbert

Rodrigo is a brazilian model and actor! Although he also used to think about majoring in Agronomy, Hilbert's dream was inheriting his grandfather's smithery, with whom he used to work. But when he was surprised by an invitation from a stranger to be model in Rio de Janeiro, he abandoned everything and went there to try a new life in the big city. He was only 18 years old. As a model, he was one of the faces of Versace. In his first video audition, he got the role in the soap opera Desejos de Mulher, in 2002. He publicly stated that he did not do well, because he had not prepared himself to be actor. Then he studied interpretation for four years, acted in two movies and had small roles in two more soap operas, in Da Cor do Pecado and Senhora do Destino. Later, he made a huge success when he portrayed Murilinho in America With some friends, he set up a theater company Elza Gomes and traveled throughout Brazil with the play Duelo. He dates actress, model and journalist Fernanda Lima. In order to win her, he gave her a chandelier, which he himself made, to show her his abilities as blacksmith. They have 2 sons (twins). In 2007 he took part in Danca dos Famosos, the Brazilian equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing, in the TV show Domingao do Faustao, when he surprised everyone and got a lot of compliments from expert reviewers of the TV show jury and he was the winner.


Special skin by LadyFrontbum click here to learn how to install

Used in this creation:
Haiduong eyebrowns
Pralinesims blossom eyes
Ulker hair
Necklace by Mybluebook blogspot
Pattern I by Autaki
Pattern II by Murano
Woven Boxer by Tomf60
Open Jacket by IN3S

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Sorry but I have problems with this hair (ulker hair).. I hace just installed it but in CAS this hair looks hairless!! I installed ir months ago and it looks right, so I dont know why happened now :( sorry for my english... i'm from Spain xD please help me

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