Lee Williams

Lee worked as a model for two and a half years at the time when the heroin chic look was in popular demand and was being popularized by Kate Moss, and used in Calvin Klein advertisements. He was tall, skinny had long hair and looked androgynous, a perfect candidate to model. Williams worked in many big magazines and was used as a model for The Face, I-D, Arena, Vogue, Elle, L'uomo. He also worked with top photographers such as Mario Testino, Bruce Webber and David Bailey. He did campaigns for Calvin Klein and fashion shows for Versace and Dolce and Gabbana. During his modelling career he lived in Japan, New York and Paris. He is on the cover of Suede's album Coming Up that was photographed by Nick Knight.

Now Lee works as an actor and has had several parts in films and television programmes like 'No night is too long', ' Teachers' and 'The tudors'.



Used in this creation:
Oepu AM Vest Top

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